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Tucked away on forty acres of riparian woodlands in the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Fallbrook, California just an hour north of San Diego, Emerald Forest Bird Gardens holds one of the most spectacular private collections of toucans and other exotic birds in the world. Featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles, Emerald Forest is internationally recognized as the place to visit to see toucans up close - all in a semi tropical setting. Emerald Forest is renowned for it's extraordinary breeding success, offering toucans and other birds to zoos, breeders and pet bird owners around the world. Emerald Forest also provides innumerable unique educational and research opportunities for scientists and amateur bird enthusiasts to study these magnificent birds and has supported a variety of important investigations into nutrition, health, propagation and bird behavior.

Our website is the most comprehensive, in depth resource for information on toucans from species accounts and photos to care and husbandry information, book references and articles, and stories from our happy clients on the Photo Gallery - all accessible from the tool bar menu below the collage of toucan photos. You can also join our TOUCANS_RAMPHASTIDS chat list on the Links page, where you can learn and share experiences with over 500 other toucan owners.

Nowhere else on the Internet can one find the wealth of educational information available here and we are proud to share it with fellow bird lovers from around the world. We hope you will visit and explore our website often and that you come visit Emerald Forest to see these magnificent birds firsthand.

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General Guided Tour Adults: $35.00 

General Guided Tour Children: $20.00

Guided Photo Tour:  $50.00

6 and under: Free

Hours of operation 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. PDT. Tuesday through Sunday - Closed Mondays. Please call for an appointment - we look forward to your visit.

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Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. PDT

Guidelines For Buying Birds (click here)

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Joan Embery and her pet toco toucan. Joan has appeared hundreds of times on television including the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson & Jay Leno. Click above image to visit our gallery of our happy customers with their pet toucans.

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Emerald Forest Bird Gardens is definitely for the birds. Built with a bird's eye point of view in mind for their comfort and well-being, all the enclosures are exceptionally large and situated outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, where the birds can fly, sunbathe, and frolic in the rain as they naturally should.

Surrounded by native oaks, sycamores and hundreds of tropical trees, shrubs and vines, streams and ponds, our birds feel right at home. And, visitors to Emerald Forest will feel as if they have been transported to a neo tropical rainforest paradise. No where else can one see so many colorful species of toucans in one location - not even in the rainforest! And, a walk through Emerald Forest's botanical garden is both relaxing and peaceful

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The birds at Emerald Forest receive the best care available by our well trained staff. Every toucan receives a species appropriate diet, fresh daily, consisting of a variety of fruits and Mazuri Low Iron Softbill pellets. Emerald Forest has its own avian nutritionist on staff, and participates in ongoing nutritional studies with the Mazuri Zoo Diets Division of Purina Mills to develop the best diets possible. This collaborative effort assures our toucans are well fed - even better than their keepers!

Royal treatment produces excellent results. Only healthy, happy toucans will breed successfully and our birds produce healthy, happy babies that make excellent pets or future breeders. In fact, Emerald Forest has bred ten different species of toucans for the very first time in captivity - more than all the zoos and private breeders in the world combined. All of our babies are close banded, with traceable leg bands and raised in our nursery on site. We NEVER buy baby birds from other sources and our facility is a certified MAP closed breeding facility, which further assures you a healthy bird.

Emerald Forest also has it's own avian veterinarian to attend to any medical issues that may arise and no bird goes without immediate attention in the event of an emergency - a resource no other toucan breeding facility has available.

Our parrots and other exotic birds also receive the same excellent care and appropriate species-specific diets, as do our toucans. With nearly 100 species of exotic birds, Emerald Forest is a memorable visitor's experience.

"All of our babies we offer for sale are closed banded with traceable leg bands"

Raised outdoors, our birds benefit from the fresh air and sunshine, which are essential ingredients in maintaining their vibrant colors and robust health.

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Click image to visit MAP.

Emerald Forest Bird Gardens is a MAP certified aviary, which means we have passed a rigorous inspection that certifies we meet the highest standards of care in the world of aviculture. MAP requires the periodic inspection of every certified facility by a licensed veterinarian. The standards are so high, that we are one of the few certified parrot facilities in California and the ONLY certified toucan breeding facility in the entire USA.

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Visit the Mazuri website for an analysis and iron content of their Low Iron Softbill Diet. Just click on the Mazuri logo above



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Animated newEFBG is closing its parrot breeding operation to
concentrate exclusively on Toucans, Toucanets, and
Aracaris. Inquire for SPECIAL PRICING and availability. It is a great opportunity to acquire established breeders, we have many different species. Call now 760-728-2226

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Emerald Forest Bird Garden's Offers Consulting Services & Appraisal Services

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The Toucan Rescue Ranch is not only a fantastic place to visit with a rental cabin, it is also a licensed rehabilitation center set up for injured & orphaned toucans and other animals of Costa Rica.

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Welcome to the Adventures of Jerry Jennings. Click on the image above and view a spectacular gallery of images of places I've been to. Enjoy!

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Lots of baby toucan chicks in feeder tubs

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The combination of spacious enclosures, quality diets, and professional care results in the rearing of a large number of healthy baby birds. Parrot species are typically incubator hatched and hand reared in order to produce a very tame, friendly, pet quality bird. Toucans, on the other hand, are usually parent reared, unless a special order for a hand fed baby is received. Whether hand reared or parent reared, all babies are guaranteed healthy and in good feather. Our birds are hand raised by several different individuals of both sexes, to ensure they are properly socialized. Birds that are raised only by a single individual can develop a personality trait wherein they only like people of the same sex as their infant caregiver. In order to properly socialize a bird to fit into the entire family, we have several people both male and female raising and socializing our babies.

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Emerald Forest Bird Gardens is proud to announce, we acquired Hyacinth Macaws(Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus)


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Click image to visit one of Japans most beautiful indoor flight exhibit.

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Another place to visit!

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What people are saying about us.

Looked everywhere on the internet for toucans and this is the place.

Our toucans arrived and are looking great! Jerry always helps us in the right direction when ever we have questions about toucans.

Very informative site on toucans and nice pictures of toucans too.


We've provided a copy of our frequently requested Toucan Care Sheet for you. It will answer many of the questions you have and will tell you a few things you had not yet considered. Topics include:

    General Information
    Buying a Toucan
    Acclimating Your New Bird
    Health Problems
    Breeding Toucans
    Further Reading

*Emerald Forest Bird Gardens is a certified member of the Model Aviculture Plan (MAP).


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