Toucan Banner Collage



Flavia Nogueira is the Nursery Manager and Assistant Director of Emerald Forest Bird Gardens. Flavia is a graduate in biology from the McKenzie University in Sao Paulo, Brasil . She is fluent in both English and Portuguese, and also does darn well in Spanish, too. She came to Emerald Forest Bird Gardens in 2003 and has continued to be a superstar ever since. She has demonstrated herself to be an accomplished handfeeder with an excellent way with raising both baby toucans and psittacines. She has been responsible for raising a number of species from tiny day one hatchlings to fully fledged toucans, toucanets, cockatoos, macaws, African Grays and other species. Flavia has trained and supervises a staff of three nursery attendants.

Flavia's management skills are noteworthy and she has recently been promoted to Assistant Director of Emerald Forest Bird Gardens. In this new role, she assists with customer relations and serves as our registrar. Flavia has excellent knowledge of toucans and the birds of the EFBG collection. She is responsible for daily collection observations and assessments. Flavia is making invaluable contributions to our program's success.

If you call the farm, feel free to ask for Flavia.