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Emerald Forest Bird Gardens raises the finest birds anywhere in the USA. Unlike some breeders' crowded, dank indoor facilities, all our birds are raised outdoors year around in a natural environment. They enjoy the benefit of fresh air, full sunlight, and the occasional rain-just as nature intended, which is necessary to their health, vigor and exceptional feather coloration not possible in indoor bred birds.

Located in the subtropical San Diego, California area Emerald Forest Bird Gardens is able to provide a comfortable setting reminiscent of the rainforests from which these birds come. Each pair of breeders is kept in exceptionally large, spacious flights landscaped with many of the tropical plants they would easily recognize in their native habitats. In this lush tropical setting, our birds behave naturally as they would in the rainforest, frolicking in the trees and happily enjoying their lives raising their families. Our birds and their environments are the envy of zoos and private individuals worldwide. In fact, many zoos and other private breeders obtain their breeding stock from Emerald Forest Bird Gardens.

Each baby bird raised at Emerald Forest Bird Gardens is given specialized individual care and attention. Our dedicated nursery staff of professionally trained biologists provides round the clock attention to the details of diet, brooding and socialization. Each baby bird is fed and cuddled by several individuals of both sexes, ensuring that they are properly socialized to fit in with any family pet situation, regardless of family size. This is very important, since many baby birds are reared in small breeding operations where a single person raises them alone without contact with other human. Contact with only a single person at this critical stage in their personality development often leads to babies that grow up preferring the company of only one family member. Thus the more people involved in the rearing process, the more affectionate and friendly is the baby bird. Our staff provides that social environment.

Emerald Forest Bird Gardens has a veterinary staff on call to attend to any medical needs our birds may require. This level of professional care guarantees our babies are in the best of health and condition-unequaled in the field of aviculture. In addition, ours is the ONLY toucan breeding facility certified by the Model Aviculture Plan (MAP), which means it passes a rigorous annual quality assurance inspection that is your warranty the highest standards of care are maintained.

Visitors are welcome to visit Emerald Forest at any time for a complete tour of our entire facility, wherein you will have the unique opportunity to observe the entire breeding process from the egg to the weaned baby. Please give us a call for an appointment at your convenience.