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Appraisal Services
Jerry Jennings, Director of Emerald Forest Bird Gardens, is a recognized bird appraiser.  He has been retained by both government agencies and private individuals to: appraise birds lost through fire, theft and other damage for purposes of settling liability damage claims; appraise bird collections and submit valuations for tax audits and estate valuations for estate tax purposes; appear at trial as an expert witness for both plaintiffs and defendants
Services include:
* Inventory and valuation of collections including on site visits
* Preparation and submission of written valuations
* Consultation with accountants
* Consultation with attorneys 
* Expert witness testimony at trial
* Testimony before government agencies
Emerald Forest Bird Gardens' Director Jerry Jennings is available for consultation for both zoos and private  bird keepers.  Mr. Jennings has been retained by a number of institutions as well as private aviculturists and pet bird owners in the areas of enclosure design from walk through and mixed species flights, hand feeding exhibits, and general exhibitry of toucans, other softbills and psittacines to private aviaries, cages and pet bird enclosures
Services include:
* Walk through public flight exhibit design for zoos and aquariums 
* Mixed species flight exhibits for zoos, aquariums and aviculturists
* Interactive toucan hand feeding exhibits for zoos and aquariums 
* Aviary and cage design for zoos, aquariums, private aviculturists and pet bird owners
* Plantings and botanicals
* Water features
* Diet and nutritional requirements
* Health care
* Housing
* Maintenance
* Breeding
* Pet bird care