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Step 1

1) Offer the pellets in a separate bowl, either stainless steel, ceramic, or plastic, keeping in mind the bowl must be stabilized so your bird(s) cannot tip it over when sitting on it.

Step 2

2) Thoroughly rinse the fruit

Step 3

3) Rinse any residues from the fruit before peeling

Step 4

4) Cut papaya and other melons in half

Step 5

5) Remove all seeds from the papaya, melons or other fruit except grapes

Step 6

6) Fruit is now ready for dicing

Step 7

7) Quarter the papaya or melons

Step 8

8) Cut into smaller pieces

Step 9

9) Cut into smaller pieces to make peeling easier

Step 10

10) Remove peels with paring knife

Step 11

11) Discard peels

Step 12

12) Cut into 3/8th wide slices

Step 13

13) Cut fruit so that each "sliver" is 3/8th on a side

Step 14

14) Dice into 3/8th inch cubes

Step 15

15) The various fruit ingredients you may wish to use

Step 16

16) Mix together and place in bowl

Step 17

17) You can add the pellets to the fruit bowl, or serve pellets separately


18) Always use the Mazuri Low Iron Softbill Pellets

Mazuri® ZuLiFe™ Soft-Bill Diet 5MI2
The best softbilled diet you can buy!



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