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Intern photo

Jon Minton from Sea World, San Diego, Andree Anne from Montreal, Canada; Cindy Barajas from

Southern California;  Flavia Nursery Manager; Megan Pillas from  State University of New York



Internship Opportunities available at Emerald Forest Bird Gardens * with focus on propagation of toucans and toucanets. Openings are available for eight weeks or longer sessions all year.
Duties include incubation and hand rearing of various exotic birds including toucans, toucanets, Touracos, hornbills, macaws.  Opportunities for work with food preparation, husbandry, and assisting in medical care for a collection of 600 birds of 35 different species as well as incubation and handrearing of babies of all species.  Applicants must submit CV, two letters of recommendation, and description of goals as they pertain to this opportunity.  Position requires minimum two years college education.  Limited free housing available on the property. 
Scheduling is flexible and applications should be submitted at least 30 days prior to anticipated arrival.
For more information and to submit applications contact:



Mr. Jerry Jennings
Emerald Forest Bird Gardens
38420 Dos Cameos Dr.
Fallbrook, California 92028
Tel: 760-728-2226
E-mail: MR2CAN@aol.com


* Forty Acre facility is located in northern San Diego County