Bird Scale Kit from Sterling Electronic
An accurate ounce and gram bird scale
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An accurate gram bird scale is essential for your bird's health. It is an especially critical tool for hand-feeders. Don't wait for a crisis before you buy a bird scale. You can prevent a heartbreaking and costly crisis by weighing your pet bird at least weekly or your chicks daily.
Avian veterinarian's agree that the first sign of illness in your pet bird's is weight loss. An accurate gram bird scale is the best health insurance for your feathered friend. If your bird begins to lose weight you can catch it early and get your bird to an Avian Vet for successful treatment

Our Stertling Bird Scale Kit features include:

CAP: 2000g. by 1g./ 80 oz by 0.1 oz.
Fully electronic load cell technology
An auto shut-off in battery mode
Tare/hold capacity
A stainless steel platform
An extra platform with a "T perch"
An AC adapter.
One year warranty from manufacturer.


Mazuri® ZuLiFe™ Soft-Bill Diet 5MI2
The best softbilled diet you can buy!

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Mazuri® ZuLiFe™ Soft-Bill Diet is designed for maintenance of adult soft-bills.

Features and Benefits
Nutritionally complete for adult fruit-eating birds - No supplementation necessary.
Extruded Nugget - Highly palatable and has a nine month shelf life.
Each batch is analyzed for iron content - Allows for proper feeding of iron sensitive species.
Contains only natural vitamin E - Vitamin E comes from only natural sources.
Contains mixed tocopherols – All natural antioxidant.
Contains enhanced carotenoid levels – Serve as natural antioxidants and pigments.

Product Form
Extruded Pellet: 1/4" diameter x 1/4" length.
15 lb. net weight paper sack.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude protein not less than 21.0%
Crude fat not less than 7.0%
Crude fiber not more than 3.0%
Ash not more than 6.0%

Emerald Forest Bird Gardens T-Shirt
Cool toucan shirt for both Men & Women!!!
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Front - has 1 color EFBG siluetted toco logo pocket area.

Back - has 4 color process big print of Emerald Forest Bird Gardens colorful logo on a 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt excellent quality.

Sizes: S,M,L,& XL