We are offering our 200 acre (80 hectare) rainforest property for sale after many years of ownership.


Costa Rica is located in Central America between Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. No larger than West Virginia, it is the only country in the world to have so many species of birds (880) and varied habitats within such a small area. Its landforms are dominated by two long coastlines of the Caribbean and Pacific ocean and a central mountain range running the entire length of the country.

The government has a hundred-year tradition of democracy-the longest of any Latin American Country. Costa Rica abolished it's military in 1949 and has devoted it's tax revenue savings to providing free medical care and education for all its citizens. Costa Rica has always been a safe haven in the storm of political conflict of its neighbors and enjoys the benevolent protection of the U.S. government.

The population is less than four million people, with approximately ten percent comprised of American expatriates, most of whom have chosen to retire there due to Costa Rica's pleasant year round tropical climate, friendly people and low cost of living. The country is becoming so popular, that a recent influx of resident Americans seeking the "next Hawaii" is forcing up real estate values at a rapid pace, especially in the Northeast portion of the country in and around Guanacaste. While the language is Spanish, the visitor or resident will have no trouble communicating with the local business community.


Costa Rica is close to the USA. It is only two hours by plane from Miami and only four hours from Los Angeles, which makes it a much more convenient travel destination than Hawaii and the airfares, hotels and meals are also less expensive


The property is situated at the back end of the Golfo Dulce near the Rio Esquinas on the southwest coast of Costa Rica on the Pacific side near the town of Golfito. It is in the Osa region near the Osa Peninsula-home of Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica's largest. The Osa is the premier wildlife area of all of Central America, representing the last major untouched primary forest reserve and protected by Costa Rican law.


This large parcel of beautiful lush tropical rainforest enjoys a half-mile stretch of coastline with a combination of a long pebble beach and a small Mangrove forest at the eastern end. The entire parcel is forested in secondary and primary growth and is flat to hilly with three year round streams and a waterfall on the property. The property has no existing structures, but there are numerous building sites for homes and the property would make an excellent choice for an ecotourism lodge. The sea bordering the property is crystal clear and home to numerous colorful, tropical fishes, dolphin, and large game fish including Mahi Mahi, sailfish, swordfish, and tarpon. It is a snorkler's and fisherman's paradise.


The property is accessible by paved road at it's northern end near the village of Los Mogos and by sea from Golfito. Golfito has boats available for hire or sale. Golfito is accessible from the capital of San Jose by air (commercial and general aviation) and by the paved Pan American Highway. Flying time from San Jose to Golfito is approximately 30 minutes and five hours by car.


The forest on the property is intact and contiguous. It is home to hundreds of species of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians including, but not limited to:

Toucans: Swainson's Toucan, Fiery Billed Aracari, Emerald Toucanet

Parrots: Mealy Amazon, Spectacled Amazon, Scarlet Macaw, Blue Headed Pionus Parrot, and White Capped Pionus Parrot.

Other Birds: Blue Crown Mot Mot, Golden Naped Woodpecker, Squirrel Cuckoo, Greater Kiskadee Flycatcher, Red Legged Honeycreeper, Shining Honeycreeper, Crimson Rump Tanager, Blue Gray Tanager, Hummingbirds, Gray Hawk, Roseate Spoonbill, Glossy Ibis, White Ibis, Brown Pelican, and literally hundreds more. There is a spectacular Brown Pelican rookery nearby with hundreds of birds in the trees at the water's edge!

Monkeys-Howler, Spider, and White Faced Capuchin

Other Mammals: Ocelot, Jaguar, Deer, Tapir, Agouti

PRICE: $2,000,000.00

We would be happy to answer any questions regarding this property and to arrange for your visit to Costa Rica to see it